The much anticipated dark mode is, now available, on the Chrome’s Canary build. A dark theme will now be seen all over the browser. It will redesign the UI of  web-browser with a black theme. In addition, the dark mode also tweaks a few websites to show black backgrounds.

The flag setting  ‘#enable-android-web-contents-dark-mode’  will let you enable the dark mode on the browser.

The dark mode will improve reading and light adjustment issues in case of darker environments.

Speaking of Chrome Canary, it’s a beta version of chrome. The features seen on the app might or might not make it to stable builds. But, we think that the dark mode, will be a feature for sure, in near future.

The following are the screenshots are by XDA which show the use of dark mode.


What do you think about dark mode and do you think, it will help you to be productive?



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