dead pixel test

A dead pixel test is used to testify the dead pixels on the screen. As a matter of fact, the tiny transistors inside a display are responsible for carrying current to pixels on a screen. A ‘dead pixel’ is basically a broken transistor on your screen resulting in a black spot. Furthermore, a ‘struck pixel’ is, in fact, a pixel struck at a particular color.

It’s very annoying to work when the dead pixel on the middle of your screen constantly stares at you. But is it really a dead pixel? Let’s find out with our dead pixel test.

You don’t have to install and set up an application for inspecting the dead pixel. Many online sites provide the service for free.

Websites to perform the Dead pixel test.

This site has a simple approach and an effective testing method. Start by clicking the ‘Start Test’ button and leave the rest. It will automatically show different colored slides to help you identify a dead pixel on your screen. The simple design is surely a pro for this site.

This site also features color shift tests, dynamic range tests, etc. for the full diagnosis of your display.

Yet another site with a similar approach. It also provides you with the same features of testing your display pixels. It features seven modes to find all kinds of the damaged pixel.

Start the test mode, during the test you will see colored space. Tap anywhere to change slide, hold the mouse pointer to stop testing.

These sites helped you point out the dead pixels easily, now what next?

After confirming that you have a dead/stuck pixel on your screen. Let’s talk about the solution.

It is possible to fix a stuck pixel by the below-enumerated methods.

  • Turning off the display

Generally, pixels get stuck on the screen after heavy usage. Using the display for longer duration may strain the display causing stuck pixel. It can be fixed by turning off the display for some time. This is considered as the most common solution for a stuck pixel.

  • Rubbing the display

Although, this method has the least success rate but still, fingers crossed. It involves rubbing the pixel area by a soft cloth. Important to realize is that it can also cause serious damage to the screen, worsening the situation even further.

  • Using JScreenFix

Screen fixing websites such as jscreenfix cycles random colors at 60 Hz in an attempt to kickstart the stuck pixel. It does not guarantee to fix the pixel, but the chances are quite decent. Not to mention it can fix the screen in about 10 minutes. And it also works without installation which certainly increases its approach.

What about my dead pixel?

Well, you can try the above-listed methods, in case you get lucky. But in the final analysis, the chances to fix a dead pixel are quite slim.


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