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Are you experiencing a few software troubles on your PC? Well, then you came to the right place buddy, there is no need to panic as you can have the issue detected, and even fixed at home with diagnostic software. Today we will delve into the troubleshooting software from Dell which can help you a lot, It can point out the errors in your device and also help in troubleshooting.


dell support assist

Dell support assist is the troubleshooting software developed by Dell, it is very helpful for the early stage diagnostics regarding software errors, obsolete driver packages, warranty information, and customer care support.

Let’s leap into the software for the full setup and usage.

Installing the software

If you have not got the software pre-installed then you can download the software from the official Dell site.

  • Visit the official site from your browser.
  • Click on the Support tab.
  • Select the Product Support option.
  • Select the ” Detect PC ” option.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions, and software installer will be downloaded.
  • Open the software installer and Dell support assist will be automatically installed.

The software will auto-detect the hardware and provide you with the details about your device. You can also view your serial number, model number and warranty information easily.

Now, this was obvious all the time but still, I need to mention this. The software is designed for usage with Dell PC only, it does not support any other models. Also, the system itself scans the hardware and the serial number of the PC to make sure it is a dell model. If you have a laptop or any other brand then you can visit their site for the respective support software.


The interface of dell support assist consists of many tabs to help you with the PC support assist

  • Get Drivers & Downloads

This option is used to scan the dell website for possible driver installation or update on the PC. You need to be connected to the internet and then press ” Run Now ” Everything else will be automatically done. If any driver updates are found, then you will be notified to initiate the update.

  • Scan Hardware

This option is very useful if you can’t point out the reason for the problem with your laptop. It scans the whole hardware for possible damage. If any damage is found then it will automatically generate a report and send it to the support assist team.

  • Clean files

Most of the time the reason for your PC to run slow is the fact that there are lots of junk files in the system, like temporary files, cache files, etc. These files are generated while browsing, running an application like a cache file. For more information read this.

What is cached data?

The software removes redundant files, temporary folders, and other inessential clutter from your PC.

  • Tune Performance

It helps to adjust power settings, memory allocations, and registry files to maximize your processing speed.

  • Optimize network

It ensures connectivity and updates device settings to keep your network efficient and reliable. This option can help you if you are having trouble in connectivity.

Additional things

dell support assist

There is also the option for troubleshooting on the top of the window, it contains articles regarding the basic problems and their most anticipated cause and fixes.

Also, there is an option for getting Support. If you are unable to resolve your issue by the above-mentioned methods then you can Send a service request to Dell regarding your problem and briefly explaining the issues, the dell support team will reach you ASAP.

Final Thoughts

Dell Support Assist is a great software and is totally recommended, it is very useful to tune the PC for optimal performance and also is get support from Dell. You can download the software from the official Dell Website.


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