What Are Emojis? 🤔

Every Yellow Coloured Face You See On This Page Is An Emoji. These Are Small Animated Faces Used To Depict Human Emotions Or Objects During An Conversation.

Why Are Emojis Important?🤔

It Is Sometimes Difficult To Convey Your Emotions While Talking To People Online, Because Your Words Always Have Some Emotion Associated With Them, Every Single Time You Say Something. When Talking In Person, Your Facial Expressions Convey Them But When You Talk Online, Emojis Or Emotion-Icons Convey Your Emotion. Therefore, If You Don’t Use Them, Your Words Come Without Any Feelings And Thus Can Sometimes Be Misinterpreted By The Receiver.

Emoji Are Really Popular On Social Media Platforms These Days.
Emoji Are Really Popular On Social Media
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Emojis And Unicode:👩‍💻

Emoticons Is A Unicode Block Containing Emoticons Or Emoji. Most Of Them Are Intended As Representations Of Faces, Although Some Of Them Include Hand Gestures Or Non-Human Characters.

Some Popular Emojis And Their Meaning: 😎

We Need To Understand What Emojis Mean To Effectively Use Them. So Lets Start With Popular Emojis And Also Understand What They Actually Mean.

😂 Face With Tears Of Joy Emoji:

 Have You Ever Laughed So Hard That Tears Started Coming Out Of Your Eyes? This Emoji Is It. A Laughing Face: With Tears Of Joy. It Has Another Cat Version 😹

😭 Loudly Crying Face Emoji:

Remember The Saddest Moment Of Your Life, When You Were Crying Like A Baby? This Emoticon Refers To That Moment Of Sadness. A Crying Face: Wailing With Heavy Tears Of Grief.

❤️ Red Heart Emoji:

So The Heart Is A Universal Symbol To Show Love. Is Also Used To Convey Affection And Is Quite Popular.

🤣Rolling On The Floor Laughing Emoji :

This Is An Equivalent Of Rofl Or Lmao. This Represents Situation When You Have Uncontrollable Laughter, More Intense Than 😂.

😍Smiling Face: With Heart-Eyes Emoji :

Another Emoji With Joyful Vibe, Which Represents Adoration, Love, Infatuation. It Has Another Cat Version 😻.

😌 Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes Emoji :

It Conveys General Happiness With Good-Natured Amusement. It Also Has A Cat Version:😸 Which Is Equivalent To It.

🔥 Fire Emoji :

Used Very Rarely For Actual Fire And Usually For Something Cool, Exciting. Represents Enthusiasm. Also Used To Say “Hot”, “Lit”, Along With All Metaphorical Fires.

🤔Thinking Face Emoji:

Used When Someone Wants To Convey That He/She Is Thinking. It Is Also Used To Question Something Or Someone, To Give A Puzzled Expression To Someone.

😫Distraught Face Emoji:

Used When You Don’t Like Something Or Also Represents A Tired Face. It Might Also Be A Reply For A Person, Place, Or Food You Don’t Like.

🙄Face With Rolling Eyes Emoji:

Rolling Large Eyes Upwards Generally Represents Frustration, Disapproval, Boredom Etc.

😗 Kissing/Whistling Face Emoji:

As The Name Suggests, Represents Whistling/Kissing Face.

😙Kissing/Whistling Face: With Smiling Eyes Emoji:

Is Usually Used For A Kissing Face: With Smiling Eyes, Also Used For Whistling.

😛 Face With Tongue Emoji:

Variously Convey A Sense Of Fun, Excitement, Silliness, Cuteness, Happiness, Or Jesting. It Is Also Equivalent To Saying: “Just Kidding!”

😝 Squinting Face With Tongue Emoji:

It Generally Conveys Fun, Excitement, And Also Hilarity.

😜 Winking Face With Tongue Emoji :

Conveys Fun, Wackiness, Joking Attitude. It Is Also Considered Goofier Than 😛.

🤪 Zany Face Emoji :

A Smiley Making A Silly Face. Craziness, Insanity Are The Emotion It Carries Around.

🧐 Face: With Monocle Emoji :

It Is An Inspection Face. Usually Depicted With A Small, Intent Frown And Head Slightly Upturned, As If In Careful Inspection.

🤓 Nerd Face Emoji:

Represents Stereotype Nerds. Thus Represented As Face With Glasses.

😎Smiling Face With Sunglasses:

Emoji Is Used To Convey Someone Or Something Is Cool, Chill, Easy-Going, Or Carefree. Sometimes Also With A Bit Of A Snarky Tone.

🤩 Star-Struck:

Face: Depicting A Person Suddenly Meeting Someone He/She Greatly Admires. It Is Just Like Seeing Their Favourite Celebrity Or Seeing Something Amazing Or Popular.

😟 Worried Face:

This One Represents Concern, Anxiety, Or Worrying.

😕 Confused Face:

If You Are Ever Puzzled, Unable To Understand, This Is The Emoticon You Must Use. Also Sometimes Used For Disagreement.

☹️ Frowning Face:

This One Is The Classic Sad Face Emoticon. Also, This One Is The Exact Opposite Of The Classic Smiley Face. It Also Represents More Intense Sadness Than The 🙁 Slightly Frowning Face:.

😣 Persevering Face:

This One Is As If The Person Is Trying To Stop His/Her Tears. Also Indicates Frustration, Helplessness, And Struggle.

😖 Confounded Face:

Also Represents Face Which Is Trying To Hold Tears, And Trying To Overcome Through Various Negative Emotions.

🥺 Pleading Face:

It Is A Pleading Face. Also, It Is Sometimes Used To Show When Someone Is Emotionally Touched Or Is About To Cry.

😩 Weary Face:

Shows A Person Who’s Going To Give Up.

😤 Face With Steam From Nose:

May Be Used For Showing Frustration, Anger. Sometimes Even For Feelings Like Dominance, Pride.

🤯 Exploding Head:

This Is The Visual Representation Of The Metaphor “Mind Blown” Where Something Is Shown At The Top Of The Head. Amazement, Shock, Unbelievable Are Can Also Be The Feelings Associated With It.

🥵 Hot Face:

This Represents Sweat Dripping Due To Hot Weather. Sometimes Also Used To Describe Physical Attractiveness Of The Other Individual.

🤤 Drooling Face:

Used To Express Desire For Delicious Food Or Sometimes Other Person. Is Used To Show “Desire”.

😪 Sleepy Face:

This Represents Someone Sleepy Or Very Tired. Generally, This Way Of Depicting Sleepy People Is Popular In Mangas.

😵 Dizzy Face:

May Represent Dizzyness, Surprise, Hypnotism. It Can Also Represent Death, Just Like Represented In Some Anime/Mangas.

🤐 Zipper-Mouth Face:

A Visual Interpretation Of The Metaphor “Zip It” Or “Shut Up”. Represents Someone Is Unwilling To Speak Up.

🥴 Woozy Face: Emoji:

This One Is A Dizzy Look Or Sick Look Thus, Used To Represent One’s Unwell State.

🤢 Nauseated Face:

Represents Person Trying To Hold Back Vomit In Mouth. Can Also Mean General Disgust Towards Something Or Someone.

🤞 Crossed Fingers:

Commonly Used As A Gesture Of Luck, Is Used For Good Luck Before Something Happens.

🤝 Handshake:

Two Hands Performing A Typical Handshake.

🖖 Vulcan Salute:

A Gesture Taken From The Movie Star-Trek. It’s Just A Way Of Greeting Someone, In Star Trek-Inspired Way.

🤙 Call Me Hand:

Popularly Used In Movies This Emoji Refers To “Call Me”. This Is Because The Hand Gesture In The Shape Of A Cell Phone

🦵 Leg:

Jut A Human Leg. That’s It. Nothing More Nothing Less.

🌚 New Moon Face:

The New Moon Face: Sometimes Used For Ironic Sentiments. Can Also Just Mean One Of The Phase Of The Moon, But Sometimes Represents The Speaker Is Trying To Tease The Person.

🌝 Full Moon Face:

It Represents Full Moon And Sometimes In Replacement Of Smiley Emoji. It Is Also Used For Sarcasm.

🔖 Bookmark:

Just Represents A Bookmark. Same As The One You Use With Your Books.

🙊 Speak-No-Evil Monkey:

The Speak No Evil Monkey Is Part Of The Popular Monkey Trio Of Don’t See Bad, Don’t Speak Bad, Don’t Hear Bad.

🐦 Bird:

Its Just A General Bird. It Is Also Depicted In Different Ways On Different Platforms.

🐽 Pig Nose:

The Snout Of A Pig.

🖤 Black Heart:

It Is Used To Depict Sorrow, Dark-Humor, Or Morbidity.

🙏Folded Hands:

Means Thank You In Japanese Culture. Used For Greeting Someone, Also For Praying In Certain Cultures. It also Represents The Gesture Of Namaste In India.

✌️ Victory Hand:

Known As The Peace Sign, Also Represents Victory Traditionally. In fact, The Reverse Of This Symbol I Considered An Offense In The British Culture, Similar To The Middle Finger.

🙌 Raising Hands:

Usually Used To Represent Enjoying Success Or Joyous Event.

👐 Open Hands:

Used To Show Openness, To Hug, And Also Sometimes For The Display Of Jazz Hands.

So These Were Some Popular Emojis Everyone Uses These Days. If You Wish There Should Be Some More Emojis Present In This List, Feel Free To Comment About The Same, In The Section Down Below. Learn About All The Emojis Ever Created And Used Here On Emojipedia Until Then Stay Tuned On KickGadget For The Best Of Tech News.

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