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Elon Musk has declared that the Tesla Summon gets enhanced and will be available in the US next week. This mode allows owners to park their car and summon them to a current location or a pinned location. This Enhanced Summon will be accessible to anyone who purchased the Enhanced Autopilot or Full Self-Driving option. The software will also be available internationally after regulatory processes.

The autopilot system in the Tesla cars initially started as a semi-automated vehicle with driver’s supervision in 2014. Today they make the most successful Self-Driving cars.

When the CEO of Tesla stated his intention in 2016, he revealed his plan of making individual cars to work like Ubers. Cars will be capable of collecting fares on the streets while the owner is at the office or a party. The owner can monitor these fully autonomous cars on the smartphone app.

The Summon mode in Tesla allows the owner to summon his EV from the parking lot to your current location or to a pinned location. The owner can access control of all these in the Tesla smartphone application. Using this you can take your car anywhere like your pet. Musk is in pursuit to make this mode work across countries.


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