Technology of Tesla Charging and Batteries Revealed



Tesla Logo
Tesla Logo

Tesla, an American electric automobile company established in 2003. The company aims in delivering electric automotive solution. Tesla aims to stop relying on fossil fuels and move towards a zero-emission future by mastering the charging and battery systems.

“Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy”

Tesla has changed the way we look at electric cars. The company claims Model S Long Range can last  370 Miles on a single charge and the company will also launch Roadster in 2020. Roadster will have top speed of 250+ mph and can run 620 miles.

Tesla Batteries

Tesla uses a thousands of small cylindrical Lithium-ion cells instead of one large battery.  These are lighter in weight and cheaper to manufacture. Panasonic was sole manufacturer of these batteries. Now, Tesla will also manufacture its batteries and installs it below vehicle floor. According to CTO of the company, these batteries can run for 10-15 years.

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Tesla Model S

Tesla Charging System 

To charge these batteries, Tesla started building a network of 480-volt Supercharger stations. By the end of 2018, Tesla had 1,375 Supercharger stations globally with 11,414 superchargers. These Supercharger uses a direct current technology that provides 120 kW of power and these are 16 times more fast than a normal charging station. It can charge 50% in 20 minutes, 80% in 40 minutes and 100% in 75 minutes. Tesla will soon charge idle fee for cars that continue to occupy charging stations after they are fully charged.

Public places like shopping centres, resorts and restaurants also will be provided chargers beacause of the “Destination Charging Location” network. This will help on-site vehicle charging. Tesla certified contractors can install these chargers for free. These charging location will appear in the Tesla car navigation system. Tesla also manufactures charging stations known as the Wall connector which can be installed at your home or any other location where you park your car and it retails for $500.

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