Facebook leaks instagram passwords
Source: Connect Nigeria

Just a month ago, Facebook admitted it mistakenly exposed millions of passwords by storing them in plain text. Almost 2,000 employees could access them.

Earlier, Facebook said thousands of Instagram passwords were leaked in the unsecured storage botch.

Now, the social media giant quietly added a major update that not thousands but “millions” of Instagrammers were affected by the leak.

The leaked password were visible internally to almost 2,000 engineers and developers at Facebook. However, the company did make it clear that the password were not visible to anyone outside the company.

Also, it said that there has been no evidence of any person abusing the leaked data internally in any way or accessing them improperly.

Surprisingly, the incident that happened last month, involved storage of passwords dating back to 2012 on an un-encrypted server!

Although Facebook says the leaked data was not abused, the company does owe an explanation on how the blunder occurred.

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