Firefox Equals Privacy

Hello There! This Article Is Actually For Everyone. Even If You Don’t Know About Firefox Much, You Can Know All About It Here. We’ll Discuss Why Firefox May Be A Better Option For Surfing The Internet. We’ll Compare It With Google Chrome, The Most Popular Web Browser, Which Most People Use.

What Is Firefox?

Mozilla Firefox Is A Very Popular Web Browser Just Like Google Chrome. I Was Not Much Into It Earlier But Now I Have Started Realizing Firefox Deserves Much Better Attention From Everyone. Firefox Is A Free And Open-Source Web Browser Developed By Mozilla Foundation. It Is No Less Than Google Chrome In Any Way But Is More Privacy Centric Than Any Other Browser.

 What I Believe Is That People Use Google Chrome A Lot Since It Is The Browser They See The First. According To Oberlo, 52.03% Of Internet Traffic Is Through Smartphones. And Android Being The Biggest Market Share Holder In Terms Of OS, Google Chrome Is The Web Browser People Often See On Their Screens. Naturally, They Want It On Their Computers Too. Thus We See Google Chrome Holding 68.91% Of Browser Users According To Wikipedia.

Firefox Vs Google Chrome

Firefox Means More Privacy:

Google Is Data Hungry Across All Its Free Services. It Uses Your Personal Data To Show You Relevant Ads. People Fear This Because It Knows More Than It Should. Firefox Stops This Practice At The Very Basic Level. It Stops Internet Trackers From Collecting Your Data At First. And Mozilla Is Not Data Hungry. It Is An Open Source Project Which Allows Anyone To Have A Look At The Code And See How It Works. The Only Data It Collects Is Your Usage Data To Improve Firefox Further, And You Can Stop It From Doing So Anytime You Want.

What Do Trackers Do?

I Really Hate It When People Ask Me Why Privacy Is Important. What Can People Do With Their Data? Here I Will Tell You What Sort Of Information Trackers Collect Form You When You Are Browsing A Website. I Give The Source Credit Of The Following Points To Cookiebot.

When A User Browses On The Internet, Everything Might Potentially Be Tracked:

  • The User’s Queries In Search Engines
  • The Sites The User Visits
  • The Frequency Of A User’s Returning Visits To A Site
  • What The User Clicks On
  • How Long The User Lingers On A Site
  • The Speed With Which The User Scrolls
  • Where The User Stops 
  • The Movements Of The Mouse Around A Webpage
  • The Comments And Reactions The User Might Add On A Site Or On Social Media
Online Trackers All Over The Internet

Now Imagine This Happens For Every Website You Visit. Is This Not Too Much? Do They Not Know About You More Than Yourself Or Anyone Else? I Always Say When Something Is Given For Free, YOU Are The Product That Is Being Sold.

Okay Moving On…

Deal With Trackers:

Firefox Blocks Trackers By Default. It Uses A Feature Called Enhanced Tracking Protection, Which Will Prevent Trackers From Collecting Your Browsing Information And Will Also Show The Websites Being Blocked. Let’s See An Example:

This Is An Exceedingly Popular Tech Website(Which Was In Fact Writing About Firefox And It’s Privacy Features 😂). Here You Can See There Are A Lot Of Trackers Blocked By Firefox, On This Website.

See Firefox's Enhanced Tracking Protection In Action.

Firefox Provides A Lot Of Customizability:

You Can Actually Do A Lot Of Customization With Firefox, Even More Than Chrome. There Are A Lot Of Cool Themes Available. It Also Has Very Cool Extensions Enabling Your Browser A Lot More Functionality.

It Also Has Features Like The Screenshot Tool, Which Is Extremely Helpful For A Lot Of People. Other Mozilla Features Include:

Firefox Monitor: If Your Accounts Have Been Involved In Any Data Breaches, Firefox Monitor Will Help You Find It. Just Enter Your Email Address On The Website And Get To Know Whether Your Details Were Compromised Or Not.

Firefox Send: Helps You Send Your Files Safely (End To End Encrypted) And Easily. You Can Send Files Up to 2.5 GB!!!

Firefox Lockwise: A Password Manager Of Firefox Browser. It Will Sync Your Passwords Across Desktop And Mobile Firefox Browsers.

So I Hope I’ve Not Disappointed Firefox Fans With This Article, And Justified The Greatness Of The Browser With My Words. If You Feel I’ve Missed Any Points Or If You Disagree With Me Then Please Write It Down To Me In The Comments Down Below. Until Then Stay Tuned On KickGadget For The Best Of Tech News.

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