Fortnite world cup 2019 is here! Grab your guns

Get your rifles and grenades ready. The ultimate tournament is about to start. The most awaited event Fortnite world cup 2019 is here!


Grab your guns, Crackshot, and SCAR rifles gamers. Yes!! Fortnite world cup 2019 is here

Yes! Epic games finally announced the first Fortnite world cup event. Elite players all over the world will be fighting for a prize pool of more than 30 million dollars.

Fortnite online open is from April 13th to June 16th with a million-dollar prize pool each week and Fortnite world cup finals steals the show with a 30 million dollar prize pool for grabs. The finals will be taking place in New York City from July 26th to 28.


Weekly tournaments start on 13th of April, where eligible players all over the world will compete to qualify for the world cup finals in their respective servers and on their platform of choice and it occurs over two rounds of play during the weekend.

Sweet Saturdays now bring Fortnite online open semifinals with them! the match limit is 10 and scoring is based on placement and eliminations. Prizes are up for the grabs with top 3,000 players advancing to the Online Open Finals on Sunday. Players may participate in only one server region.

Here’s a complete schedule to the event

Fortnite Online Open Finals

Online Open Finals starts with a fresh points table on Sunday. This event is also a 3-hour event. Match limit is 10. The top standing players globally will receive cash prizes from a million-dollar prize pool. Prize payout tiers are yet to be confirmed. The highest ranked players in each server region will advance to the World Cup Finals.


Duo players from each region
No of duo players from each region

Players can only pair with one duo partner each weekend of the open tournament. However, players can switch duo partners from week to week. Duos partners that qualify for the Fortnite world cup finals cannot be switched for a substitute.

Matchmaking during both solo and duo rounds is based on current points within the tournament. (platforms are not taken into consideration).

No. of solo event players that can qualify from each region
No. of players in solo mode that can qualify

The players that can qualify from Asia is extremely low. This shows that not many Asian players are playing Fortnite and this is strange because India and Indonesia which are  Asian countries are among the top three countries to play PUBG in the 2018-19 season. This might be due to the fact that this game is unavailable on all mobile phones which seem to be a major platform in the case of PUBG.

Let’s hope that Epic games finds a solution to this

World Cup finals

Newyork City will be hosting the finals for all elite players across the world. The prize pool is 30 million-dollars. We could expect some intense action in this event.

Head to the official website for more details



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