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The year we are living in is 2019.And We tend to spend a lot of our time on our smartphones.  With the majority market share being Android, we’ve decided to list a few  free apps for android  to increase your productivity.

1.Google Keep:

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Yes, the first app on the list is by Google. It’s a simple yet powerful note making and sharing app. You can add text, voice, lists, pictures and share them with your friends. It’s available for free on google play store.

Fun fact: This article was first drafted on Google Keep.

Website:Google Keep

2. Zoom meetings:

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The app we are talking about is for those group meetings that you want to have with your team. Meaning, you add up-to a 100 members simultaneously to a video conference and discuss your work.

Best part of the Zoom app is that it’s free to use and works anywhere in the world.

Note: The app is not related to Zoom Cars: Car rental app!

Link: Zoom Cloud Meetings


Slack logo
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Similar to Zoom, Slack allows you to communicate with your work-team by chat. It’s used by both small-medium scale startups to fortune 500 companies. It’s a fairly simple and easy to use chat service for you to communicate with your team members.

The free service allows you to have up-to 10,000 messages per month.

Note: After 10,000 messages, the top messages start to delete by themselves.

Fact: Vayner-Media use Slack as their internal messaging system.

Website: Slack

4.Adobe Scan: 

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This tiny little app by Adobe is known to make scanning a lot easier. All you need is your smartphone’s camera. With fairly neat lighting condition, you can use it to replace a scanner and the inbuilt OCR works good. Meaning, all you need to do is to click the picture of the page and it recognizes the text on it.

Note: The accuracy of OCR is good enough. It might miss a few words but overall, it’s good.

Website: Adobe Scan

5. Khan Academy:

Khan Academy Logo
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The Khan Academy app is a free-education tool for school/college students. If you are an educator or a student, then this app might help a lot. It’s free and the courses offered are by MIT-Level grad students or educators.

It’s a non-profit organization. Meaning it will be free for ever with only one aim to provide world class education via the internet.

Website:Khan Academy

What do you think about the above Apps? If you feel that we’ve missed any app, Let us know in the comments below.


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