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Get a Free Qi Wireless Charger Duo with a Samsung Galaxy S10e!

samsung wireless charger duo
Source: Android Central

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 and S10+ were pretty expectable, but the S10e is entirely something different. The cheapest member of the Galaxy S10 family does a lot more than what its more expensive siblings do.

Of course, the South Korean smartphone giant wants to outdo Apple’s strategies like having their own iPhone XR, exact same price point and all, but the Galaxy S10e seems to be giving a lot more!

You save pretty a bit going for it. Also, people who hate curved screens, it’s the only high-end Samsung option for them.

Coming to the good news, B&H has an interesting deal going on! There’s no change in the price of the smartphone just yet – it’s way too early for that, the Samsung Galaxy S10e will still cost you $749.99 (Rs. 51, 900).

Eager to buy the Samsung Galaxy S10e? Read the features, specs and other information here!

However, buying one will get you a free Samsung Qi Wireless Charger Duo, in either black or white – the choice is yours!

The charger is a $99 (Rs. 6, 850) value on its own. The Wireless Charger Duo, as the name suggests, can charge up to two phones at the same time, or one handset and a smartwatch.

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