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Sports have always been popular leisure for different forms of people. At the end of a tiring day, one comes home with a lot of work stress and watching sports kind of rejuvenates their mind and brings out the enthusiasm back into that person.

Here are some of the online sports streams that offer free services for fellow folks to watch and enjoy.

Sports Streaming with ESPN:


It is one of the several live sport streams. Some of these free sports include- tennis, basketball, baseball, and golf. Although these services do not charge any fee, you still have to log in from a valid satellite subscription. They offer a very high-quality video to all the countries around the world. However, they only broadcast those games which belong to their authority. In addition to that, the live streaming games can be watched only with a valid cable or DTH which ultimately makes finding free sports a tedious task.

Reddit live streams: 

Wondering how Reddit is in the list? It is a known fact that there is no bigger community than Reddit on the Internet. The websites offer subreddit pages which let the viewers with live streaming sports. The advantages of Reddit are communities can be created and connected so that you can share the links.

Some of the links to these pages are:

Hotstar India:

For all those Cricket lovers in India, Hotstar ( offers the content live on their website with an approximate delay of 3-4 minutes. Along with Cricket, it also broadcasts badminton, tennis, and hockey. Despite delivering the best quality content, they sometimes terminate their services after 10 minutes of the watch and the rest of the content can be accessed only after getting the subscription or acquiring some nominal fee.


It is another famous sports channel that is famous across the UK. The content can be accessed by signing up for the website. Besides sports, this channel also offers other live streaming news and lifestyle channels.


It is the most famous sports channel streaming across the US and Europe. It was initially launched in Austria in collaboration with Vodafone live, Orange and is available via DVB-H. Live updates regarding Football, Volleyball, Table Tennis can be witnessed through this website.

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