pdf to docx

Converting PDF to DOCX is necessary because PDF’s are read-only files, so you cannot edit them or extract images or copy text from them, you can only convert them into DOCX (word) file for editing or any other purposes.

So how to convert these files into Docx? Is it technical or there’s a tool for that? Will the converted file lose any data?

Don’t worry there are plenty of free websites that offer these services to the users for converting the PDF into Docx files hassle-free. I use these websites occasionally and also recommend these websites to you so that you can easily convert the files without installing an app or going through various websites that ask for personal details and filled with ads.

Three absolutely free websites that you can use to convert PDF files to DOCX :

1. www.online-convert.com

This is my personal favourite website that I’ve been using for almost 3 years now, the ads on this website are not irritating plus there are plenty of file converting tool that you can use such as Document converter, audio converter, image converter and many more. Bookmark this website and convert your files faster and easier than ever.

2.  pdf2docx.com

This is another website that only converts the PDF file to Docx and nothing else, so if you are frequent user then I’d recommend this website.

3. www.onlineconverter.com

This website is pretty much similar to the first website that I’ve mentioned above but offers a lesser number of tools than the other website. Visit these websites and check out how easy to use and fast these websites are.

Now use any one of these free websites and convert the files the way you want, if you want more websites that allow these services or anything else that you find difficult to use or understand then comment below in the comments section and I’ll write a blog about that problem.


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