Galaxy Fold
Source: Android Authority

The New Galaxy Fold is set to hit the shelves on April 26 but the reviewers and journalists have already been sent early units. The news, however, is not good as the hardware is failing.

Most of the units are facing issues like screen flickering and blackouts and having bumps under the display. The New Fold comes with a protective film which most reviewers removed as they thought of it as the standard screen protector. However, that film is crucial for maintaining the integrity of display and is not to be removed. Samsung has, however, promised that it will include warnings for the customers regarding the same.

Regarding the screen bumps, it seems that some particles found their way inside the phone thus also affecting the hinge mechanism.

Galaxy Fold's Display Bump
The Galaxy Fold’s Display up close with bumps. Source: Android Authority

Since we are already close to the launch date, we’ll have to see if Samsung is able to do the necessary changes. One possibility is that Samsung delays the launch altogether to fix these issues. Another very distant possibility is that Samsung can cancel the device altogether like the infamous Note 7. However, if this issue is too prevalent then this is probably the best option. We’ll have to wait for Samsung’s next move. Sit tight!


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