Gboard 2.0 for iOS brings exciting themes, not present on Android
Source: 9to5google

The latest version of Google Keyboard or Gboard 2.0 for iOS has got some really new theming features. Well, they aren’t available on the Android platform yet. And these customization features are absolutely worth trying if you are an iOS user.

Coming straight to the iOS Gboard then it’s got some new tricks for swipe trail. The color and thickness of the trail can be changed now on an iOS running device. You can also get some great sparkles, which you can add, having small Google ‘G’ logos.

Some other small features like these have also been added to the new version on iOS. For more details, visit 9to5google.

But it doesn’t mean that the latest Gboard won’t be coming to Android. In coming days, it will surely be made available soon on many of the non-iOS phones too. Though, no exact date or time has been announced yet for this.

Android and iOS keep getting better of each other, whenever it comes to new software features and upgrades.


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