Arcadia Power
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Arcadia Power is a company which is making renewable energy accessible and affordable for consumers throughout the country. It gives you the option to choose and use clean energy sources at zero additional cost. 

Currently, electricity in the US comes from many sources like coal, nuclear, solar, wind, hydroelectric, etc., which are all collected at the national power grid. From here, the electricity gets sent to homes via power lines. Arcadia simply adds renewable energy to that pool of electricity in the national power grid. 

Check out this minute-long video by Arcadia Power that explains exactly how it works.

With the aim of making renewable energy accessible and convenient for all, Arcadia Power ensures that there is a simple mechanism in place which entails next to no special effort or cost in your environment-friendly endeavour. All you need to is set up a free Arcadia account. You can then choose to have 50% of your home’s electricity sourced from renewable energy sources like regional wind farms and community solar projects. 

Arcadia Power offers the following two plans:

Arcadia Power
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The Premium Plan will only add about $5-$10 to your monthly bill with the assurance that 100% of your electricity is being sourced from renewable sources. The Free Plan is just as good, and will make a huge contribution to environmental conservation efforts at no extra cost; in fact, Arcadia Power actively tracks the market and negotiates lower electricity rates so you can spend less on your utility bill. The company claims that in the long term, you can save significantly on your electricity bills. It should be noted that your current electricity provider does not change. You only have to link your utility bill to the Arcadia Power platform and they will automatically route your payments through their servers to your electricity provider. 

Set up your free Arcadia account now and invest – for free – in a 100% renewable energy future. 


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