Google Assistant now coming to Android Messages

Yes! It’s happening now at last. Google will make available it’s highly popular AI ‘Google Assistant’ to the Android Messages too. The digital assistant had already been introduced for Google Maps previously.

The company has announced that this feature for the Android messages will start in the coming months. No exact date has been given as of now.

Currently, the AI will be available only in the English language for the messages app. And now there will be suggestion boxes/clips appearing while you try to think what to type—just like it happens in ‘Smart Reply’. Basically, you will get more suggestions for multiple things—in the messages app itself—like hotels, restaurants, and other stuff, just like it happens while using the Google Assistant separately.

The multilingual experience has also been extended by Google. Now you can select language pairing from Danish, Dutch, Korean, Hindi, Norwegian, and Swedish in addition to the existing languages, including English, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, and Italian.

For phones operating on KaiOS (Jio Phones), Google has now also added the ability to use a different language for the Google Assistant. This will give a more native feel to the user in his/her own language.



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