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Google Assistant started to grab the plates form Siri and Alexa. A new study by Microsoft shows that both Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant are at par in terms of usage.

Interestingly, Microsoft’s Assistant Cortana grabbed the 3rd place with 19% share after Alexa with a 25% share.

Both Siri and Google Assistant are on the ball with a 36% share. It is not very surprising since the two are available on smartphones. while Alexa is primarily confined to smart speakers.

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Although Cortana is available on the phone, It is still unable to hit the spot. The voice recognition is not very convincing. The app is still in the development phase and early access is available in the Play store.

With the recent news of Amazon hiring employees to listen to the conversations recorded by Alexa, under the development program, its sales might turn down in this quarter.

Alexa also needs to look out for Google Home which is gradually gaining popularity in the households of India and other countries.

Surveys show that privacy is a major concern when it comes to smart AI assistants. 52% of people feel that their personal data is insecure. With Amazon’s little secret revealed, this number might go up soon.

It is remarkable how Google succeeded in making the product a success. Only after 3 years of its debut and 2 years after entering the field completely, grabbing the top spot is not an easy thing.

Alexa has got more than a thousand ears!


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