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Source: Android police

Google brings out yet another great update for the Google camera. A KISSING CAM!!

The new update to the google cam provides the user to take photos without clicking the button by detecting in-frame kisses. This now adds to the previous 5 key facial expressions such as smiles, tongue-out, kissy/duck face, puffy-cheeks, and surprise.

Google camera is available on play store but the photobooth and other features are exclusive to pixel 3 and pixel 3 XL.

Google camera comes with numerous features like Night shot, Top Shot, and Photobooth in Google Pixel 3 and 3 Xl. Photobooth is available from the more tab in the google camera.


  • New time-lapse mode codenamed Cheetah.
  • All new dark mode.
  • Live mode transitions: When switching to Panorama, Portrait, Camera, or Video, version 6.2 maintains the live camera feed instead of adopting a black background. Icons for each mode are still overlaid, while there is a zoom animation to account for each mode’s aspect ratio.
  • If “Screen will light up for flash” isn’t an apparent enough prompt, Google Camera now overlays a lighting icon when using the onscreen flash.

The face expressions model outputs a score for each identified expression. The frame score considers both facial expression quality and the kiss score.



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