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Google Plus launched in 2011, was a social networking platform. It predominantly aimed at challenging other social networks but ended up unsuccessful. Google+ declared shut down of all its personal accounts on 2 April 2019 considering the difficulties in maintenance. However, it has announced Google Currents, an enterprise version of Google+.

Google Cloud Next’19 is making a range of announcements in San Francisco. Google+ is purpose-built for business and renewed as Google Currents. The Google currents (back in 2011) was formerly an online magazine app from Google which is at present the Google News. Now this is emerged out as a business tool for organizations to connect and communicate.

Google Currents is a business platform wherein the leaders and employees can connect. It enables interactions and discussions among the employees across regions. The admins can customize, direct and promote specific contents to their target employees. Admins can also track engagement their employees. It allows users to follow their topics of interests, personalized contents, and instant feedback. It establishes effective communication within an organization. Employees can learn from other’s experiences.

Google Currents is available for all the G suite editions and is exclusively for business organizations. At present, it is accessible only for Beta users. Admins can mail [email protected] to request access for their organization.

The G suite gets other new features including collaboration with Google Assistant. Google has come up with this new trendy idea of Currents to focus on enterprises.


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