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Google Inbox was hypothetical to be the future of Gmail. It offered so many useful and essential features like advanced filtering, snoozing of messages, and a more visual organization to Gmail.

As of recently, Google Inbox users came to know that the app was going kaput. It wasn’t until recently that users are now seeing a more specific cessation date.

Google Inbox greets you with a message, when you head to its landing page via desktop, saying “Inbox is signing off. Find your favorite features in the new Gmail.”. Google officially said it was shutting down Inbox at the end of March. A countdown that is set on the Inbox app ends on April 2.

Although it seems Google did implement some of Inbox’s features into Gmail, it still hasn’t brought all of them.

Many faithful Inbox users are now upset to learn that some of the more precise features like the inline highlighting of actionable links, the option to save links or the ability to archive groups of emails aren’t available in Gmail.

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