Google Lookout App helps identify objects for visually impaired

Google Lookout
source: androidauthority

Yes! It’s true, I am amazed to know how technology these days are making our lives better. Google announced a new app to help the visually impaired named Lookout. This app helps to identify objects through the phone’s camera. This week, Google announced that Lookout will finally be available to download — though only for Pixel devices in the US.

This app also helps in reading text messages,  text in signs and labels, scan barcodes and identify currencies. With this Lookout App, the blind and visually impaired need not wait for any help. Think of it as a specialized application of Google Lens, one that identifies real-world objects but also plays it out loud for the user to hear.

The Google Lookout App comes in three modes: Explore, Shopping and Quick Read. Explore, which is a default mode, it gives the basic information about the environment. Shopping mode helps read barcodes and currency. Quick Read can read signs and labels, making it easy to find exit doors or goods in a grocery store and it also helps in reading documents.

After selecting a mode in Lookout, The app then senses where and which objects are in the real world. They only have to make sure their Pixel’s camera is facing out by holding their device, placing it in their shirt pocket or hanging it from a lanyard around their neck.  The company says it’s hoping to make the application more accessible, so it could eventually make its way to more devices, countries, and platforms in the future.



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