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Some people think that achieving privacy in this vast online world is very easy. But, if you look into the details you will notice it is all a nexus from which you can never hide.

Tech giants like Google store your private data. Every website, every click, even your voice search samples are stored in the servers. All of them! For instance, do you recall your search queries for this month? Probably Not, but Google does, It remembers everything from the start. Precisely, from the day you created your account on google.

If you think that by just deleting the browser search history you quarantined your privacy from Google. Then my friend, Sit tight, It is going to be a rough day for you. Today I am going to unravel the data that google was storing behind your back. So,

Let’s Begin

First of all, google does take your permission for all this. You may not remember but when you create your account on google, you agreed to all the terms without even reading or trying to change them properly.

google my activity

You can access all the stored data at My Activity.

Sweep it out

While it is important to delete all the history that you just saw. But also, you have to personalize your account’s activity controls. Unless you disable the data storage permission. It will continue to log again and again.

Firstly, let’s see how you can delete the logged activities.

  • Visit the My Activity section of your account.
  • Click the three dots on the upper side of the screen.
  • Click Delete Activity by.
  • Click Today to open the dropdown.
  • Click All time to delete all the user activity.
  • Click DELETE to simply delete all the activity.

Data logged for all google products in your account will be deleted.

Disable Further tracking

If you want to pause the further storage of your data then you can turn it off.

  • Visit My Activity.
  • Click the Menu button on the upper left of the browser window.
  • Click Activity controls.
  • Disable the switch next to each service you’d like to disable tracking for.

Taking it seriously

Whatever you search online is your choice and your personal matter. Keeping logs of your activity, without your knowledge is unethical. However, Google prompts you to disable the activity tracking if you want.

google my activity

Also, Google does all this to create your unique profile and providing you the personalized result. Nowadays, the A.I. industry is expanding fastly and its prime working is based on logging and analyzing user data.

By storing your data google just wants to be a better browser, search engine and assistant for you. Conversely, it does not change the fact that you are sharing your privacy with someone else.

Final thoughts

Even if you disable or delete your history, you are not invisible to Google. Especially when you have a Google account for various Google apps and services. Therefore, it is nearly impossible to hide from Google but you can be prudent. You can use other alternatives wherever possible.

Search engines like DuckDuckgo are great for this purpose, they store no logs and are totally privacy-eccentric.

Also, It is clearly visible that if you delete all the data from My Activity then you will be unable to receive personalized search results, rest is up to you.


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