Google Station
Source:Quest News

Google Station is going to bring free Wi-Fi to the Philippines, partnering with local service provider PLDT.

Google Station is a venture for developing countries. By this program, Google partners up with local companies to bring free Wi-Fi to these countries. The Wi-Fi hotspots are generally provided in high traffic locations like railway and also bus stations. The program was started in India in 2016. It then spread to Indonesia, Mexico, Nigeria, and also to Thailand. The hotspot locations were extended to colleges and hospitals too. And now, the sixth country to have this facility from Google is Philippines.

Mahesh Bhalerao is the global director for the “Next Billion Users” initiative. Through this initiative, the company launches new ventures to improve connectivity in developing countries. Bhalerao revealed at the “Google for Philippines” event that Google will be partnering with local service provider PLDT for Google Station. He also revealed Google’s plan to provide 50 hotspots by the end of February, with more hotspots being added over 2019.

“Open, free, and high-quality public WiFi is a crucial step in expanding connectivity in the Philippines. Google Stations allow Filipinos from Luzon, Visayas or Mindanao to connect to open, free, and high-quality internet, whether you are in an MRT station in QC (Quezon City), or a bus terminal in Cebu… You can get online for free,” He said.

Google’s partners for this venture are PLDT and Smart. Also, Unilever will be their first ad partner. The users will be allowed 30-minute sessions of free internet. After this, they’ll have to sign in again. The venture is certainly going to make Philippines happy!


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