How cool it would be if you got some extra time to payback when you buy the expensive phone from the market? Isn’t it amazing? At least those who desire a great phone during its release now have a chance to avail it through Google Store Financing.

What is Google Store Financing?

Google store Financing has collaborated with Synchrony Bank to offer credit card services on all its products.

The users can now buy different products by Google ranging from Phones, Connected home devices, Laptops, Tablets, Google Accessories, etc. Also, Google provides special offers on recently launched products.

Various products launched by Google

How to avail these services?

Now the question is how to do it? All you have to do is log into this website ( and register to create your own account.

Once this process is done, you can purchase any product on Google Store in the US. Purchases are strictly restricted to Google Store and not any other product outside.

Now, apply for certain credit amount at checkout with synchrony bank. The purchase can be done right away, once you get approved.

These payments can be done up to 24 installments each month. Therefore, the maximum amount of credit per account keeps increasing depending on their usage.

Adhere to these terms and conditions!

There are certain payment terms that are to be kept in mind while purchasing any product from Google Store. These terms are mentioned on the official website (

Loan can be easily availed for Google products

However, if your application has not been approved yet, then continue the checkout process.
In Order to check your balance in the account, you can directly contact the Synchrony bank at . This way Google offers a better gateway for you to avail its products.

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