GOT season 8
Source: Youtube

Game of Thrones season 8 broke yet another record! Yes!!, 54 million.

It’s not some collection record, it is the no of pirated releases of GOT season 8. The irony, total no of illegal views are 17.4 million which is almost three times less than the no of pirated versions.
According to Muso, a digital-piracy tracking company, India holds the top spot with 9.5 million illegal views. China stands second with 5.2 million views.
It’s not much surprising since not a lot of streaming options are available for Indians with the only option being Hotstar Premium which is very expensive.
It took creators by surprise that the USA is third in the no of illegal views even though a lot of streaming options are available in the USA.

GOT attracts a wide range of audience with an intensive storyline, violence, and adult content.

Almost 76.6% of the sources are from unlicensed streaming sources and less than 10% are from pirate sources like the pirate bay.
This concerns the Game of thrones makers. Despite their effects to stop piracy after the 7th season pirated releases crossed a billion.

This number of pirated releases seems extremely large for just a single episode release.

Well, it seems like “Valar Morghulis” All men must die should now be answered with “Valar Piracy” All men must pirate which seems weird because Bravios hates pirates!


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