Tesla Model 3 Red
Source: Tesla

Earlier this week, Amat cama and Richard Zhu of  Fluoroacetate exposed a flaw in Tesla’s Vehicle Systems. This happened during the Pwn2Own 2019 hacking competition, organised by Trend Micro’s “Zero Day Initiative (ZDI)”.

The hackers, allegedly, aimed to hack the infotainment system on the Model 3. They used a “JIT Bug in the renderer” to take over the infotainment system.

David Lau, vice-president of Vehicle Software at Tesla, quoted “Since launching our bug bounty programme in 2014, we have continuously increased our investments into partnerships with security researchers to ensure that all Tesla owners constantly benefit from the brightest minds in the community,”

The EV maker seemed more than happy to collaborate with Pwn20own to solve the vulnerabilities and provide a better user experience. Over the past 4 years, the bug bounty programme has helped solve several issues and let several ethical hackers win prizes.



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