Harper’s Bazaar India’s May cover is Shot on OnePlus 7 Pro
Source: Gadget Match

We haven’t seen the OnePlus 7 Pro yet but it’s already showing us what it can do.

Harper’s Bazaar India showcased the upcoming OnePlus flagship on their May cover. The cover features the fashionable and stunning Jameela Jamil in all her un-corrected glory.

According to Harper’s Bazaar, the OnePlus 7 Pro shot the magazine cover. We don’t know anything about the phone, since it hasn’t launched yet — apart from rumours, of course.

One thing’s certain, though: That camera looks sharp!

You can check their other cool clicks from the OnePlus’ 2019 flagship here.

OnePlus is likely to announce the upcoming OnePlus 7 line on May 14 during a synchronized global launch in New York, London, and Bangalore.

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