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You may have heard of many smart wearables in the market. But have you ever heard of a smart ring? Well, this sophisticated ring definitely brings tech to the next level. It can be used as an engagement ring. In fact, it quite resembles the traditional ring size. To know more about heartbeat rings, keep reading.

You can feel the heartbeat of your partner anytime with just a touch. Yes, you got that right. Heartbeat rings as The Touch calls it is more of a sophisticated wedding ring buttered with lots of tech in a compact housing. The ring boasts to deliver the live heartbeat feed of your loved ones on your ring.

What’s this all about?

heartbeat rings
source: TheTouch

It is actually a pair of rather beautiful rings developed by a company named “The Touch”, as a result of 2.5 years of research and development. It is capable of transmitting the real-time heartbeat from one ring to the other. And, the fun part is that the other person doesn’t even know when the heartbeat is broadcasted. The ring is an architectural wonder in itself, touted as “The most sophisticated ring in the world”.

Wow, tell me more.

The ring is designed in collaboration by German, Czech, Swiss manufacturers. The ring is jammed up with more than 100 components. For instance, the Bluetooth module, heart rate sensor, battery, a multidimensional motherboard, a circular led array, and many more. Yet still manages its weight and looks appealing.

heartbeat rings
source: The Touch

The ring is paired to a phone and connected to the internet for heartbeat data transmission. It is very precious and carefully crafted. Additionally, it comes in two options. A traditional yet more expensive rose gold casing, and a stainless steel casing. Paired with a sapphire glass exterior. FYI: sapphire glass is the second hardest material on earth.

The ring claims to have the largest exposed sapphire surface on any ring. This makes the ring not only precious but literally unscratchable. They have a red led array inside the glass which lights up to resemble a vein or kind of heartbeat and appears quite cool with the black glass. It provides the premium feel you deserve. The ring provides you 14 hours of juice and has the most exquisite charger box for any wearable, the box charges it up in just 2 hours.

heartbeat rings
source:: The Touch

The ring provides you with the last heartbeat reading if it is not able to connect in real-time. And is water- resistant to splashes but may not hold while swimming. The ring comes with a 2-years warranty and 30-days return policy.

So, tell me the verdict.

Well, I would not recommend purchasing the ring. Of course, it provides a premium feel, but it lacks many of the features that were quite necessary for the value. Just the heartbeat isn’t enough, it should provide alerts in case of high or low heart rate so that medical care can be taken, also it just drains out in 14 hours which means you will have to charge it up in the middle of the day. Moreover, it may cause a panic situation if the user is not able to get the heartbeat of the partner.

I would rather recommend you to go for the Apple watch, it is cheaper and provides alerts in case of abnormal heartbeat, also it exhibits the SOS feature. Likewise, many of the features make apple watch a better choice over the ring. But the ring is a unique choice for tech lovers.

If you want to purchase the ring then visit the official site: The Touch X.

The pricing for the rings is

  • HB ring red/black (stainless steel) – $1190.00 limited to only 100 pairs
  • HB ring rose gold (rose gold) – $5990.00 limited to only 5 pairs


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