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Here’s How to Enable Chrome Dark Mode in Android


Chrome Dark mode is now available on Android. The latest Chrome version 75 comes with the Dark Mode that can be used by those who love Dark UI.

Dark mode can reduce eye strain in low-light conditions. Almost all of us loves dark mode in apps, dark themes are really better for our eyes and phone’s battery.

Enable Chrome Dark Mode:

First of all, check whether you’re using the latest Chrome version(Chrome version 75) or not, and then proceed with the following steps :

  1. Enter chrome://flags in the address bar. These flags are used to toggle experimental features in chrome.

Chrome flags

2. Search for the flag Android Chrome UI Dark Mode in the search box.

3. Tap on Default and then select Enable.

Chrome flags

4. Now click on the pop-up icon Relaunch now so that the new settings can be applied.

Chrome flags

5. Now, go to Settings->Dark Mode and turn on the Dark mode.

chrome flags

Chrome flags

You can see the search box, settings and startup screen has Dark UI enabled. The dark mode will reduce stress in your eyes and will result in low battery consumption.

Chrome flags


Chrome flags

Now as you can see the webpages are still the same if you wish to change their UI as well, there’s another flag that might help you.


This flag turns the webpages into dark mode but it has a problem. The images present in the websites are inverted, which makes them unclear and not easy to understand. It may also result in an incomplete conversion that may lead to missing lines.

1. Go to chrome://flags and search for Android web contents dark mode.

Chrome flags

2. Enable the flag and then relaunch chrome.

3. As you can see the webpages also have Dark theme enabled.

Chrome flags

In the above picture, you can see the dark UI on the webpage. Most of the images are correct but a few of them are inverted and that doesn’t look good at all.

So, these were the flags that can help you enable Chrome Dark mode in Android. If you want to know more about these experimental flags comment below.




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