Advantages of 3D printing

The corona virus pandemic has encouraged many to use technology to help go through this time of need. 3D printing is one such technology. Meanwhile, many companies have started designing and printing protective equipment and medical devices.

3D Printing

It is the process of building a three-dimensional model from a design blueprint. This is achieved by adding the material together layer by layer. As of late, 3D printers are widely available. Many homes that have a 3D printer, and the family never fails to make the best out of it. Moreover, using this innovative technology, we find a lot of people coming out to support others.

Three dimensional models
Three dimensional models

How 3D printer works?

Models take a lot of time and money to make by hand and machines. On the other hand, 3D printers are the next top-level technology that can build up objects layer by layer quickly. How do they work? Let’s find out.

3D printer is like the inkjet printer. It starts from the bottom, placing layer after layer one at a time. The model gets developed upwards by printing over the same area. Usually, 3D printers create a model over a few hours, unlike traditional methods.

Firstly, they use a 3D computer-aided design of the object to print. Next, the printers turn this drawing from the computer into many 2D cross-sectional layers. In short, the 2D prints sit on top of the other. Instead of using ink, these printers use molten plastic, metals, sand, powder, etc. After depositing the material through a heated nozzle, it gets fused together using adhesive or ultraviolet light.

3D printing technology finds many applications in the fields of medicine, aerospace and defense, manufacturing, education and many more. However, during this pandemic, there are several cases where the 3D printing technology is used to produce protective gears.

Advantages of using 3D printing during this crisis

In this time of crisis, the supply is unable to meet the growing demands. Many groups have started implementing 3D printing technologies for ventilator components and personal protective equipment.

Ventilators produced using three-dimensional printers
Ventilators produced using three-dimensional printers

3D printing is one of the best methods to address the supply issue. Instead of using traditional methods, 3D printing machines can be used numerous times to produce what is needed. Productivity can be done close to the affected areas. So, there are no issues with access to the necessary items. The printed goods can be produced on demand and used immediately.

Many are printing 3D face shields and face masks and supplies from their own homes. Reportedly, they could produce 15 to 20 masks a day. This in turn addresses the deficit of medical equipment.

Companies are using 3D printers to manufacture cotton swabs which are necessary for the test kits. Ventilators and respirators are also developed. They were also reported to supply gloves, masks, goggles and lab coats.

Face shield produced by three-dimensional printers
Face shield produced by three-dimensional printers


Many countries often face a shortage of equipment. 3D printing is greatly helping in providing supplies at affordable prices and taking less time. In this time of need, everyone must come together. Many out there in various parts of the world are using technology to fight against this pandemic. 3D printing is a smart and helpful method to combat issues regarding the supplies.

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