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Smartphone nowadays is one of the most important tools in our lives. One can even say it is an extension of ourselves. We give it a lot of thought when we buy a phone for ourselves. We shortlist them based on their features, looks, price, and our needs but overlook things when it comes to protecting our phones. Most of us simply slap a case on it without giving it a second thought. While it does do its basic job, there are a lot of problems with it. This is where phone skins come in. Let’s see how phone skins can be a superior choice.

Advantages of Phone Skins over Phone Case

Maintain Shape and Feel of device

Manufacturers put a lot of time and effort into designing the body of your phone. They want the phone to look good and be comfortable in your hands. They want the phone to feel good in your hands. A case simply ruins that. They change the shape of the device and completely change its feel. Some cases even interfere with ports.

Phone Skins on the other hand are made using precision machinery and care. They maintain the shape and feel of the phone keeping it comfortable to hold. It is designed to fit your phone perfectly and does not interfere with ports.

Enhanced Protection

Phone skins provide a better edge to edge scratch protection and are shockproof. Skin also has raised edges to protect the phone’s screen. Camera cut-outs also prevent scratches to the camera lens.

No Heating issues

Phone cases are bulky and thick, they cover your phone completely. Depending on your situation it can be both a good and bad thing. Phone cases can cause heating problems since it can inhibit heat dissipation, which is often noticeable while gaming and charging phones. High temperatures can cause damage to your phone’s processor and battery.

Phone skins do not cause any heating issues. Since they are thin they let the heat dissipate easily.

Water Proof and Dirtproof

Water and sweat and dust can often get between your phone and its case and can cause damage especially if it is trapped there. It can cause scratches or discoloration.

Since a Phone Skin is directly applied to your phone there are no gaps in between phone and skin. Water and dust cannot get in between them. Hence it provides better protection against water and dirt.

Skins Don’t make phone bulky and heavy

Phone cases are very bulky and add additional weight to your phone. Whereas Phone skins are thin and have negligible weight.

Maintain and Enhance phone looks

Phone cases often cause friction burns on your phone and leave imprint/ marks behind. They make your phone look worn out and old.

This problem does not exist with phone skins. They protect and maintain the looks of your phone. They are easily removable and do not leave behind any kind of residue. Phone Skins also provide better styling options.

Feature compatibility

Bulky phone cases often cause problems with wireless charging and fingerprint detection. The thickness of cases interferes with wireless charging and since it is bulky the user has to put additional effort to place the finger on the sensor for fingerprint detection.

Phone Skins on the other hand allow wireless charging and easy fingerprint detection.


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