SpaceX launches Falcon Heavy.
Source: cnet

A few years back a man named Musk set off on a journey to build reusable rockets. He worked in his SpaceX Company and came up with the world’s most powerful rocket- The Falcon Heavy. The Falcon Heavy landed on February 6, 2018, putting a smile not just on Elon Musk’s face but on Space history.

Elon Musk seeing the monumental landing of the Falcon Heavy.
Source: narcity

The Falcon Heavy is a combination of three SpaceX Falcon 9.The 9 Merlin engines from each booster making a total of 27 engines which is capable of generating more than 5 million pounds of thrust. This thrust is approximately equal to eighteen Boeing 747 aircraft at its full power. Astounding!

The Mission of the SpaceX is to make space transportation economical. This involved reusable rockets which were once considered impossible. The Falcon Heavy launched in February 2018 delivered a Tesla Roadster into the orbit.

The Tesla roadster housed a dummy astronaut named ‘Starman’. Two of the launched space vehicle made its landing successful except for the third one diving into Atlantic.

SpaceX again launched the Falcon Heavy earlier this month. This time the payload was a Saudi Arabian Telecommunication satellite. The Arabsat – 6A was delivered into the orbit and the Falcons made their way to a remarkable landing.


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