Instagram Dark Mode
Instagram Dark Mode

Instagram adopted the ongoing trend and choose the dark side and released its dark mode at the end of 2019. Instagram’s dark mode changes the look of its user interface from the usual white interface to dark interface with shades of black and grey. This change provides a whole different feel to Instagram and makes it look cool.

The Dark Mode has many advantages compared to the normal or Light Mode if you would like to call it that. Dark colours use less energy than light colours and hence save battery power, therefore extending the battery life of devices and increase the screen on time. It saves a lot of energy especially if the devices use OLED or AMOLED screens.

It reduces eyestrain by enhancing readability in low light conditions, as light text on a dark background is optimal in terms of readability in low light conditions. It also reduces glare, flickering, and blue light emission by making the majority of the screen dark. Although long test pose a bit of a challenge in reading in dark mode.

How to enable Dark mode on Instagram in Android Devices.

The first thing you should do is update your phone to the latest version of android available and Instagram to the latest version of the app. Cause we have different options/steps for different versions of android. After updating check the android version installed on your phone by going in the Setting App and going in the About Phone/ About Device Section. There you can find your android version.

Android 10 Dark Mode

Option 1 – If you have Android Version 10 on your device.

In this method, we will enable Dark Mode on Instagram if your device is at least on Android 10.


  1. Go the Setting app on your Android 10 device and then navigate to Display and Then Enable Dark Theme.
  2. You can also enable it by going to Setting then Battery And then Battery Saver. Both of these options are connected.
  3. Now open the Instagram app and enjoy Dark Mode.

Option 2 – If you have Android Version 9

In this method, we will be explaining how you can enable Dark Mode on Instagram if you are on Android 9.


  1. Go to the Setting App on your device
  2. Then go to the About Phone / About Device Section
  3. Then Locate Build Number or MIUI Version or is similar equivalent and tap it multiple time ( 5-6 times) repeatedly till your devices developer setting is Unlocked
  4. Locate Developer options in your Setting App. It is usually under Systems or Additional Setting. You can also locate it using the search tab
  5. Once you have located Developer Options. Tap on it and locate Night Mode. Enable the night mode.
  6. On Some Devices Night Mode may be on a different location such as Under Display Setting. Simply User search bar in setting to find Night Mode if you are unable to locate it
  7. Enabling to night mode to force Instagram into dark mode

Option 3 – Enable Dark mode for Instagram using Apps/Themes

If you don’t want to mess with your device’s setting and or you are not able to find night more options you can simply check if your phone supports it by downloading apps from Google’s Play Store.


  1. Open Google’s Play Store and search For Dark Mode Instagram
  2. Download one of the mentioned apps and open them.
  3. You can enable night mode on your phones through these apps and hence further enable Dark Mode on Instagram.
  4. If it gives you an error saying Night mode is not supported then you are out of luck.

Option 4 – Enable Dark Mode using Custom ROM’s

If your Android version Does not support Night mode or Dark Mode.

You can still enable it for your phone by installing custom ROM’s. But this is a lengthy process as also quite risky as there is a chance that you may void your warranty or brick your device.

As the process of installing your customs ROM’s on your device is a bit unique for every device. We won’t be Explaining each of the steps here. You would have to do some research for your specific device before going with this option.

Due to its complexity, it should be the last resort on your quest to enable Dark Mode.

How to enable Dark mode on Instagram in iOS devices

To Enable dark mode officially make sure you have updated your iOS device to the latest version or at least iOS 13. Also, update your Instagram app via Apple’s App Store to the latest version. In iOS, we have many options if you want to enable Dark Mode depending on your version of iOS.

iOS 13 Dark Mode

Option 1 – Enable Dark Mode on Instagram if you are on iOS 13

In this method, we will look at how we can officially enable Dark Mode on Instagram for iOS


  1. Open the Setting App in your iOS device and Look For Display & Brightness section and tap to open it
  2. There you can switch On Dark Mode.
  3. Then simple open Instagram and enjoy Dark Mode.

Option 2 – Get Dark Mode on Instagram if your device is not upgraded to iOS 13

In this method, we will download a modified version of Instagram called Instagram++ or IG-Nite which has a native Dark Mode feature that does not depend on the iOS version. These modified apps can be downloaded through 3rd party app stores which are available for iOS


  1. Install a third-party App Store on to your iOS device like Tutu Helper App. If you are facing any problems, installing Tutu Helper App you can check our guide on how to install it.
  2. After installing the app, open it, and search for Instagram++ or IG-Nite.
  3. Download and install any one of these apps
  4. Launch them, then open its setting and then enable Dark Mode.


With Dark Mode’s popularity increasing day by day and it has so many advantages over the normal mode, choosing Dark Mode over anything else is a no brainer. Instagram’s Dark Mode provides it with a new feel and look, and makes it more interesting and most of all it makes is look cool. But do not listen to me, try the Dark Mode yourself and make up your mind.

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