Hey, probably you already know about the minesweeper, it is one of the classic games and had gained popularity after being featured in windows. But, the game seemed confusing and boring to most of the windows users and novice players. But once you know the rules and basic game strategy, you will be amazed by its brilliance.

Let’s begin

Before we start the game play tutorials, make sure you have minesweeper installed on your device. For Windows devices, you can download it from the Windows Store. Follow the following steps.

  • Open the Windows Store.
  • Search for “Minesweeper”.
  • Download the Genuine Microsoft version.

Basic Guide

The game can be played just with the mouse, but it does’nt make it any easier. The game is quite challenging and refreshing once you know the way to play. So keep reading.

  • Each minesweeper game starts with a grid of unmarked squares. After clicking any one of the square, some of the squares will dissapear.
  • The left mouse button is used to open the squares, right-click is used to mark the boxes you think have mines. Also, double right-click marks a question mark on the box.
  • The first click never exposes any mines, after the first click, the some of the squares will be cleared off. You will see various numbers marked on the screen. Using the hints provided by numbers, you have to continue the rest of the game.
  • Now, the numbers signify the no. of mines surrounding the square. Now, read the number pattern to ascertain the position of certain mines. Flag the locations to prevent future mess up.
  • Go on clicking the squares which you believe don’t have mines underneath.
  • Keep clearing the squares until only the mines are left to uncover.

Now, let’s play a game to get the hang of it. I’ll play in the easy mode just to demonstrate.

This is the easy 9×9 version of the game. Let’s see how i was able to point all the mines.

Clicking on the center helps to clear out significant tiles. Now, we got the numbers, use the numbers to guess the squares which don’t have mines for sure. Meanwhile, flag the tiles which you are sure to contain mines.

By studying the numeral pattern, you can easily assure the position of some mines. I have flagged some of them.

Now, the left side is totally cleared, and all the mines are still uncovered. Let’s start with the right side now.

Flagged all of them now. If you pay attention to the numbers and flags location then you can get better insights in the locating algorithm.

Just one block left, Ready to complete your first minesweeper.

Kudos if you make it this far, now it’s time for you to play on your own and develop your own strategy.

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