How you have been exploited by the smartphone Giants over the time.

India is one of the biggest smartphone markets in the world. The number of people using the internet in India is greater than the population of the US. Chinese smartphone manufacturers have the greatest impact on the Indian market. Brands such as Xiaomi, realme, oppo, Vivo always top the sales chart having Samsung as the only competition which is not a Chinese brand. These Giants have influenced the market like no other. They have managed to do a paradigm shift in the market. You will find it interesting to know that even you have been part of this shift. Let me tell you how.

Before the entrance of Chinese brands, the Indian market was predominated by Samsung and Micromax in the time of 2013-14. Other Indian manufacturers were also having their share such as Karbonn, spice, etc. The market was primarily focused in the range of 5000-10000 with Samsung primarily serving the premium segment.

Then in 2014, Xiaomi entered India with its MI 3 which offered features at 14,000 what Samsung couldn’t offer at 30,000. It became a sure shot hit.

Then Xiaomi brought the market disrupter called redmi 2 which offered magnificent features at only 6000. Indian manufacturers were shaken. It became a huge hit. Now people could get “good” quality smartphones at sub-7000 which they could never get from Indian manufacturers. Then came redmi 3s which was also a huge success in the budget segment. A mindset that buying a good smartphone is possible withing 7000 was set.

Then Xiaomi began its game. With the launch of redmi note 3 and 5, which were in the 10000-12000 segment, Xiaomi started pressing on these smartphones with launching mediocre smartphones in sub-7000 such as redmi 4 which were very inferior in terms of quality from the note series. People preferred to shell out 3000 rs more for getting a much better smartphone. The budget segment was moved from sub-7000 to sub-10000 all thanks to Xiaomi.

Then, with the launch of note 5 and note 5 pro, it managed to move the segment to the sub-14000 genre. Sub-7000 segment was almost completely ignored with minimal offering at the sub -10000 segment. Launch of the likes of realme 2 pro, oppo f series, Vivo y series, Samsung j series added to the momentum. By now a mindset was set that a “good” phone is only possible in the sub-15000 segment with sub-7000 phones being modest and only for old people.

That was these Giants have totally shifted the smartphone market from sub-7000 to sub-15000 being the primary focus. If you are a budget smartphone buyer and you look at your buying pattern, you will also find yourself in the same buying pattern. You have been part of this momentum knowingly or unknowingly. That’s how these companies exploit the customer by doing aggressive marketing and intentionally generating artificial demand for products they don’t need. By being a little intelligent, you may secure yourself from being prey to these companies. You should buy what you need but not what these companies want you to buy.

Recently realme launched realme 6 in sub-15000 segment and realme 6 pro in sub-20000 segment. With this move, I think the next Target of these Giants is to move the “good” phone segment to the sub-20000 range. With the launch of redmi 9 and 9 pro, this may become more evident. Rest, the future will unfold by itself. We just need to wait and watch.


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