Huawei Share OneHop: Share anything with a single tap

With its Share Onehop tech, Huawei brings a revolution in the sharing industry making cross-platform sharing available at incredible speeds.

Huawei Share Onehop


Good news for all Huawei fans. Huawei came up with yet another innovative idea, Share OneHop the one tap sharing tech which allows the users to share images and videos across your laptop and phone at incredible speeds.

Huawei claims that transfer speeds up to 30 Mbps can be achieved with this technology. Currently, this feature is limited to,

NFC area Huawei share Share label

  1. Huawei or Honor phones with NFC capabilities.
  2. Huawei laptops labeled with Huawei share icon. (PC manager should be 9.0 or higher)

To connect your phone to the laptop

  1. Enable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on your laptop. PC manager should be running in the background.
  2. Enable NFC, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth on your phone.
  3. Now, simply tap the NFC detection area on your phone to the Huawei Share icon on your laptop. Once the phone vibrates, touch connect on your phone and then click authorize on your laptop.
  4. By default, if you open an image or video each simultaneously on your phone and laptop, the transfer direction is from your phone to laptop

All you need to do is tap the NFC detection area of the phone to the Share label on the laptop… and Yee-haw the sharing’s done.

With this revolutionary technology at play, Huawei poses a challenge to the mobile industry which is worth your popcorn and drinks.

Head to the official website for more details


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