huawei 5g tv
Source: PCMag

Huawei seems to have a very ambitious plan for this year, and it’s not just limited to the smartphone segment. The Chinese company is planning to launch its first 5G TV this year. Seems like Huawei strongly determined to offer a complete ecosystem of hi-tech products.

A popular media site announced that the electronics giant will release a TV with a 5G chipset and flagship-class specifications. It will include an 8K display and several other smart features.

What can the Huawei 5G TV do?

With the help of this TV, people can now download 360-degree videos, VR content and other heavy video content in a short time. Surprisingly, there’s no need of a local connection or a cable TV or satellite broadcast services to explore several quality contents.

Thanks to the 5G connectivity, the Huawei TV will also act as a hub for smart home appliances. A 5G TV is unquestionably a step forward to take over Samsung‘s business which is one of the chief TV manufacturers in the world.

Although Samsung already released 8K TVs, still a 5G-enabled TV is nowhere to be seen in its catalog. Besides trying to launch the first 5G TV, Huawei is also aiming to conquer the PC market.

Indeed, Huawei is targeting to enter the top five PC makers by 2021. It will increase its shipments up to 3x times within 2019. According to Nikkei, the company is even producing its own CPUs for laptops.

Huawei is currently the second smartphones manufacturer worldwide and entered the PC market in 2017 with its MateBook series. It included ultrabooks which are a more affordable competitor of MacBooks. In 2018, the company successfully shipped more than a million PCs.

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