hyperX cloud fight
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HyperX is a major manufacturer of the gaming attire, and the new hyperX cloud flight is the best addition to its arsenal. It marks the debut of hyperX in the wireless headphone lineup. Let’s see if it comes up to the mark.


The hyperX’s design is pretty basic and may deceive you in the first look. The build is majorly plastic with occasional metal parts. In such a price range, we’d expected a rather rugged casing. It features a red light-up HyperX logo which may feel appealing to some, but is not much of a feature for wireless headsets, causing even faster battery drain. Hopefully, you can turn it off every time you turn on the headphones which is very annoying.

All the design flaws are lost when you put on the headphones. It feels like nothing after a while, the plastic build helps to decrease the weight of the headset. Also, the headphone interior is made by hyperX signature quality leather with generous padding yielding the ultimate euphoria of listening. The headphones are designed to fit sturdily and comfortably thus it can be used for light exercise.

hyperx cloud flight
source: hyperx


It includes a detachable microphone, this is a very good feature and can be useful if you just want to enjoy the music in public without drawing much attention. The earcups also swivel upto 90 degrees, which makes it easy to rest around the neck.

Controls and stuff

The controls are all built into the headphones. You get a volume wheel at the bottom  of the right earcup, which is large enough to change volume easily. The left side comprises of power button, 3.5 mm jack, microUSB charger, aux input and microphone.

The best is the microphone mute button on the entire side of the left earcup you can just click the large earcup to mute/unmute the microphone. This feature will surely come in handy overtime.

hyperx cloud flight
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The Red glowing logo is adding to the looks but it sucks up considerable amount of juice so it is advised to turn it off by double tapping the power button.

The battery is mind-blowing, the company boasts it to run for upto 30 hrs with the red light off, which is quite great. It can last upto a whole week in daily moderate usage. You can also use it while plugged in.

Audio Quality

The audio quality is great, the sound imaging is perfect and will surely provide you the edge while gaming. Every detail in the sound output is crisp and clear, even small details such as birds, gunshots, etc. sound more realistic. It also works great for listening although it does not features extra bass but the audio output is quite balanced.

The headphones provide stunning noise isolation, even if you are listening on a moderate volume, every voice will be nothing or just like a muffled wisper. It is great while you are travelling, it can be of use to mute the chatty group around you.

The detachable microphone works great and has a great sound output, the background noise cancellation is also quite impressive. It is great for gaming and other casual stuff, but the audio output is not suited for professional audio work.

hyperx cloud flight
source: hyperx

Another surpring feature from hyperX include the headphone support for the hyperX NGenuity software, which can help the user monitor the headphone battery and also control the audio output from the speaker and microphones. Many review websites claim that the cloud flight does not support software, but the official site is rendering the software.


This headphone is surely fantastic and very portable with the detachable microphone, unlike the others in the market. It also has the most comfortable design EVER!! I mean it really stands out from the crowd for the comfy asthetics. Apart from some minor drawbacks, I think it is a good heaphone for gaming. You can buy it at $121.99 from Amazon.


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