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Image to Text | The complete guide

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We usually click photos of important documents, files, college notes, etc. But in case, if you want to edit the given photo then what will you do? Most of us had already faced or sure will face these kinds of situations. If you are thinking of typing it all again then think again. Living in the technology era has made everything possible. So you don’t have to worry about doing all that work again.

Optical magic

image to text
source: image tools

If you want the document in text format then you can surely get it, thanks to the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology which made this possible. Today, I will tell you about some of the free tools to convert images to text for free. But first things first, you should be aware of what’ s going behind the scenes whilst all this.


image to text
source: ocr tools

Optical Character recognition works as enumerated below:

  1. Firstly, the given document is converted in Black and White format by the OCR software.
  2. Now, the software analyses the scanned image for light and dark areas, here dark areas signify the characters and light areas depict blank space.
  3. The dark area is then processed further to identify it as an alphanumeric character.
  4. The software targets one character, word, or block of text at a time and tries to identify it using the following two algorithms.
    • Pattern recognition- OCR programs are pre-programmed with a large amount of text in various fonts and formats, which is then used to compare and recognize the characters in the scanned document.
    • Feature detection- OCR programs try to identify the character by matching it with its features, such as ‘A’ is formed by joining two diagonal lines by a straight line.
  5. After the character is identified, it is converted to the ASCII code that can be used by any computer system.


OCR is quite accurate but still, I would recommend to proofread the document and rectify the possible errors before using the output. Also, to get better results to try to crop out the images in the document, as it may cause the software to interpret the images into some text.

Free tools

There are many free online tools which can be used to convert image into text without worries

Onlineocr.net – This is an online website to help with the job. The website is free to use and works great. Also, there is no need for any kind of registration to use the site but you can register for free to upgrade your hourly conversion limit. For guest users, the limit is 15 files per hour.
Easypdf.com – Yet another free tool to convert image to text. This website also gives you the same features and also it doesn’t need any registration or any kind of personal data. The website offers full anonymity for conversion. Moreover, the site claims to delete the image file within few hours after conversion. Therefore, making it the ideal choice for privacy fanatics. Also, you can convert tables into excel and any other document into word or text format.
While these tools are enough for you as you should be sticking to any one of them but if you want any offline utility just in case, then you can download PDFelement software for windows OS. It contains an OCR option in the convert tab which works as intended.


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