At the CES 2019, Intel, in it’s keynote, revealed the Ice Lake series of processors. It is the first of it’s kind by the company, developed on its 10nm Sunny Cove microarchitechture.

Ice Lake will come with built-in Thunderbolt 3, WiFi 6, Gen 11 graphics and Deep Learning Boost. Intel promises to boost devices with Ice Lake by the end of 2019. The company demonstrated a laptop being run by the silicon chip for performance testing as well.

Intel showed off ODM systems from Pegatron and Wistorn. Sam Burd, Dell’s president of Client Solution Group, took over the stage to demostrate a laptop powered by the Ice Lake processor.


Alongside, Intel is looking into the expansion of it’s 9th Gen Desktops and Laptops. It also hinted bringing 9th Gen Core Processors to the laptop lineups.

The chip giant also announced its upcoming Project Athena.This project is supposed to deal with boosting battery life, responsiveness and connectivity of the new generation PCs. The project mainly focuses on the development of lighter and thinner ultrabooks for the next gen.

Coming back to Ice Lake, these chips are claimed to act as an integrated system with graphics, memory and other aspects. The Ice Lake is definitely going to be a wonderland for tech lovers .




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