“Brilliant!” is what strikes in one’s mind whenever Apple launches its new product. Ever since the rise of iPods and iPhones, Apple has always maintained its unique position in the market. With its high-end security and sophisticated technical features, Apple saw a huge rise in the shares in the market. Its customer reach keeps increasing tremendously with every launch of a new product.

AirPods are one such amazing products that were launched during the Christmas season 2016 while it did not make a significant impact during its initial launch. However, there had been a hike in the number of users during the year 2018. Recently AirPods 2 was launched on 20 March 2019. Several memes have been created on this product due to its high prices. Here are a few interesting memes which have created hype on social media:

Crazy little guy:

airpod memes

The new selfie trend:

The epic swag this man carries:


The kind of differentiation shown here is unpredictable 😛

Isn’t this interesting? You can try it too! ;P

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