Before We Start About The Internet Speed Issue, I Wanted To Clear A Common Misconception. I Have Seen A Lot Of People Confuse Over The Fact That Mbps Represents Megabits Per Second & MBps Represents Megabytes Per Second

The Files You Download Over The Internet Are Usually In MB Rather Than In Mb. But Whenever You See Speed Testing Websites / Service Provider Websites, They Always State The Speed In Mbps And Not MBps.

A Simple Conversion Would Be 1 MBps = 8Mbps

The Speeds Mentioned In This Post Are Mbps, That Is Mega Bits Per Second.

So Let Us Now Continue About Our Topic.

Internet Speed Slowdown In India Due To The COVID-19 Pandemic:

According To Ookla, The Average Download Speed For Fixed Broadband Dropped From 39.65 Mbps In February To 35.98 Mbps In March. In Mobile Data, The Download Speed Reduced From 11.83 Mbps To 10.15 Mbps.

Following Is The Speed & Latency Comparision Of A Few Asian Countries.


Analyzing Internet Speed In India:

Now You May Say That The Average Speed Change Isn’t Too Much, But Remember That These Speeds Are Average Of The Speeds From All Over The Country.

Let Me Explain It In A Better Way. Let Me Talk About A Few Individual Cities. Remember These Speeds Include Average Of Internet Speeds, Fastest Speed(Covering All Service Providers), & Average Speed From JIO(Most Popular Service Provider). The Data Is Of March And April Months For The Following Cities.

The Internet Speeds Include Both Mobile Data Speeds & Broadband Speeds.

Internet Speeds During The COVID-19 Pandemic:


Internet Speed Across The World & India’s Position:

It Is Evident From The Data That Speeds In The Cities Are Quite Low. Globally, India Stands In 71st Position In Terms Of Ookla’s Fixed Broadband Download Speeds And 130th In Mobile Download Speeds. The Country Witnessed A Drop-In Two Positions In Both Of These Categories.

Singapore Topped The Internet Speed Charts With Amazing Speed Of 197.26 Mbps Download Speed In Fixed Broadband Whereas The United Arab Emirates (Uae) Came First With 83.52 Mbps Download Speed In The Mobile Category.

The Global Average Download Speed For Mobile And Fixed Broadband Were 30.47 Mbps And 74.64 Mbps In March. To Put That In Perspective, The Average Global Download Speed Was 31.61 Mbps And 75.41 Mbps For Mobile And Fixed Broadband Respectively In February.

So Looking At The Data, The Speeds Arent So Good. Also, More Number Of Users Online Is Definitely Affecting The Infrastructure. We’ll Have To See How Will This Pandemic Further Affect Our Internet Usage Speeds. So Until Then Stay Tuned On KickGadget For The Best Of Tech News.

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