is the site down
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Are you stuck with the “Page not found” message? Well, there are plenty of reasons why you are getting this on your screen. Basically it represents that the site is not working, and you can’t access it right now. Let’s see how you can cope with it.

Is the site really down?

Sometimes, the website is working just fine but the error occurs from your end. It can by caused by anything, be it firewall or ISP. Let’s check if the site is really down or is it just you.

This site has a simple interface, you can enter the website URL and check weather the website is working or not in Real time.

is this site down?
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You will see the above screenshot if the site is working properly.

is this site down?
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If the site is down then you will get this message.

is this site down?

This tool is a little bit more advanced as compared to the conventional websites. Additionally, this tool allows you to receive automatic notification for any website in case it goes down.

  • Open host tracker website.
  • Fill the website URL in the upper right corner.
  • Make sure to check the http option from the below given options.
  • The website will load a whole list of locations from which the site is accessed, the result is displayed with other details.

is this site down?
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This site is different from the above mentioned alternatives. In this website you can see the website from different servers at your computer.

This site uses proxy connection to help you connect the site from a different location in the world, the site not directly reached by your computer in this case. In fact, the computer requests the website from the proxy server which in turn requests it from the target website.

Basically, by using this website you can know if the website is running in certain location. Using a VPN will also provide the same feature.

Why is it down?

Out of the many reasons some of them are as enumerated:

Server maintenance

is this site down?
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This is one of the most common reason why any website is temporarily not working. You can visit the site later to access it. Server maintenance are usually conducted when the network traffic is relatively low.

DNS expiration

The site goes down due to domain name change only if the company through which the website address is purchased, changes it’s IP address. Additionally, the Domain Name may have been expired.

Server Overload

is this site down?
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If you are trying to reach a website with lots of traffic then chances are that its servers may shutdown due to overload, this majorly happens in case of sales and other trending stuff.


Now, if the site which you are trying to reach is high profile, then it can be attacked by hackers, causing it to shut down. However, this may only happen in rare cases.

No internet connection

This may sound hilarious but this can be the reason why you can’t open a website. Check your internet connection for possible errors and reboot your system if error still persists.


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