isro launches young scientist program class 9
Source: DNA India

ISRO has announced a ‘Young Scientist Program’ for class 9 students and is providing training on space technology and its applications.

The Yuva Vigyani Karyakram by ISRO conveys basics of space technology, space science, and its applications to engage youngsters into astrophysics and space research.

The two-week residential training program is exclusively for students who have completed class 8 and are studying in class 9. The plan is to conducted during the summer holidays for students across the country.

The training selects three students from every state/union territory from CBSE, ICSE and state syllabus to participate in the program.

ISRO said that the criteria of selection would be based on the academic and extracurricular performance of the students. Students enrolling from rural areas are given special consideration in the selection criteria.

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