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JioMeet was formally launched on Thursday 2nd July 2020 by India’s Reliance Jio which is backed by Mukesh Ambani. Reliance Jio recently concludes a $15.2 Billion fundraise form companies like Facebook and Intel and is now ready to enter the competitive market of video conference apps, ready to take on giants like Zoom and Google meet.

At launch, JioMeet’s features and the user interface is very similar to zoom. One can also say that it is zoom in a beta phase with the potential to be better. Let’s see how zoom compares with other video conference services like Zoom and Google Meet.

Platform support

JioMeet supports all major platforms but it does not have a dedicated app for the Linux platform. Zoom has superior platform support as it supports all major platforms at the moment. While google meet does not have a dedicated app for Windows Mac OS and Linux but the can be sill be accessed through their respective web browsers.

Application Web Windows Mac OS Linux Android iOS
JioMeet Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Zoom Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Google Meet Yes No No No Yes Yes


JioMeet supports HD audio and video calls up to 100 participants, with a duration of 24 hours for free unlike Zoom and google meet which have a duration limit of 40mins and 60 mins respectively.

Application Free Plan Paid Plan
JioMeet Up to 100 participants with 24-hour per meeting time limit Not Available
Zoom Up to 100 participants with 40-mins per meeting time limit $14.99 per user per month with upto 1000 participants with 24-hours per meeting time limit
Google Meet Up to 100 participants with 60-mins per meeting time limit $1.67 per user per month with upto 250 participants with 24-hours per meeting time limit

Security and privacy

Both JioMeet and Zoom require a meeting id and password by default before you can join the meeting. But there are many privacy and security concerns regarding zoom that the company itself has admitted. Many companies have even banned their employees from using Zoom for Company related work. To address its security concerns Zoom has promised to provide end to end encryption in an update which is expected to release in July 2020.

Application Meeting Pin Encryption End to end Encryption
JioMeet Required Yes No
Zoom Required Yes No ( Planned for future release)
Google Meet Not Requires Yes No


Despite JioMeet being similar to Zoom, Zoom has the maximum amount of features. JioMeet features will eventually expand as it is a new application.

Features JioMeet Zoom Google Meet
File Sharing No Yes Yes
Screen Sharing Yes  Yes Yes
Max Participants 100 1000 ( Paid ) 250 ( Paid )
Waiting Room Yes Yes Yes
Internal Recording Yes ( web-app only) Yes Yes
Email Integration Gmail, Outlook Gmail, Outlook Gmail
White Board No Yes No

Closing Thoughts

JioMeet is the first Video Conference app with the potential to become global, despite being new it shows a lot of promise. Although it is not available outside India just yet.

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