Recent news revolving the contract manufacturers of Apple, called Wriston, states that they had started the production of the iPhone 7 in India. Also, the other widespread news states that Foxconn, yet another Apple contract manufacturer are about to start the production of the iPhone X from their Chennai factory.

Foxconn has been doing iPhone X production trial runs at the Chennai factory for quite some time now, says the report along with the suggestion that they are going for the full-fledged production of iPhone X starting from July 2019.

Foxconn will begin with the iPhoneX (range) from the Chennai plant. The plans are to step up production capacity and diversify to even higher models going forward.”  is the official aware of the Foxconn’s plans. To this statement was added that “Sustained increase in manufacturing will depend on, among other factors, the continuation of a favorable incentive regime into the next government,”.

Following the Apple’s partnership with Wistron to produce iPhone SE in India by 2017 and then the iPhone 6s and lately the iPhone 7, iPhone X will be the fourth iPhone to be manufactured in India. Though they have no intentions in lowering the price which is currently around a 75,000 Rs. Though it is a much-anticipated expectation that they do a price cut post-July, once their Production in Chennai takes off, since the iPhone X is a very much capable iPhone that enhances all the utilities of a standard iPhone.



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