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Kahoot is an educational platform that offers various games to enhance learning. ‘Kahoots’ are multiple choice quizzes that allow users to interact with questions through the browser, phone or app.

This application can be used for assessment and get to identify the student’s knowledge. This includes trivia quizzes, and many such interactive games for users to learn and broaden their knowledge base.

This Kahoot tool lets students participate in quiz games by connecting them to a host computer. Kahoot game can be easily spammed using these Kahoot bots.

Kahoot Bot spamming the entire page

All you have to do is add the ‘Kahoot bot’ chrome extension to your browser. Once it is added, open the Kahoot website and enter the game pin that you would like to spam.

You can give a bypass swear filter name- for example, ‘Alex’. This would create a number of bots named ‘Alex’ and spam the entire page. The maximum number of bots that can be entered is 250 and it is always recommended less than 100 bots.

Within seconds of hitting the spam button, the bots are entered into the page which creates a number of bots. This way, you can prank your fellow classmates and teacher with the help of ‘Kahoot bot’.

Web: KahootBot.org

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