kodi 18 builds
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Do you want an all-around media center capable of streaming local and online content in addition to an intuitive UI? Then, your quest ends here. For those who were unknown to the world of Kodi 18 builds, No worries we will start from the basics.


Initially made for Xbox, it was named as Xbox media player. Designed by the non-profit organization XBMC foundation, it has surpassed its initial design and aesthetics. Now, known as Kodi, this media center is the first choice for many folks.

It can be termed as a media player, but it delivers more than just a media player. It is capable of streaming online content. For instance, movies, web series, serials, etc from all around the globe. Moreover, it also compiles and gives all the local media files in the snappy UI.

Another astounding feature in Kodi is it’s support for literally every platform. Be it android, ios, windows, mac os, firestick, and even raspberry pi, Kodi supports everything. You may face quite a few problems while installing it on Apple devices but still, you can find a way here.

Unlike, Apple tv or Amazon fire stick. Kodi is open source and not bound by any license to stream content. Its open source community developes different builds making it popular.

That’s OK, but WHAT is a Kodi build?

Well, a Kodi build is a one-click installation setup containing various add-ons, themes, and skins to increase the features and user interface. After installing a new build you can experience a whole new experience with Kodi, builds influence Kodi to a great extent. Just like installing a custom ROM in android. Builds also unlock new streaming channels for TV, movies, and web shows.

The legal line

Most of the builds provide access to the latest movies and web series which is copyrighted content. Streaming and sharing of copyrighted and scraped content is considered as illegal.

In contrast, there are various legal builds also available, but they don’t have any latest content worth watching, so most of the users tend to shift towards illegal builds.

Now, as a wise man once said, “Prevention is better than cure.

Therefore, before I introduce you to the builds, I strictly recommend you to use the illegal Kodi builds under a VPN, as your browsing history can be monitored by your ISP and could put you in a great risk of legal action. A VPN encrypts your connection so that it can’t be read by anyone. Not even you. Another feature is that you can watch content that is restricted in your country. Read our Avast VPN review.

Let’s proceed to the top kickgadget picks.

  • No limits magic

kodi 18 builds
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No limits is the build that stands out in our list. It has surprised it’s users with tons of its streaming capabilities moreover it has Aeon Nox 5: Silvo Skin a comprehensive and futuristic design, which is appealing to most of the users. Its size is around 300 MB, It is generous in terms of add-ons some of them are

  1. monster munch
  2. Neptune rising
  3. nemesis
  4. sports world
  5. Halow live TV, Yods, Maverick TV, ccloud Tv
  6. pulse fitness
  7. sports devil
  8. the magic dragon

With these add-ons, you can easily stream any music from UK/US region. Additionally, you can also stream movies and the latest web series. Using a VPN can lift the geo-based restrictions. This build is not a part of the official repository.

  • Salmious

kodi 18 builds

This build is from the One nation repositories. However, this build may not have the best appearance, but it surely offers the best content. This build is designed for users who want the latest content at their fingertips. Its add-ons are updated regularly. In fact, some popular add-ons are

  1. Death star
  2. Monster Munch
  3. Marvel
  4. Replay me
  5. Aspis
  6. Yoda
  7. Maverick TV

and many more of these make streaming movies, web shows, sports shows, kids content and even more much easier. Additionally, this build has 329 MB volume, which is quite ok, given the add-ons.

  • Titanium Build

kodi 18 builds
Source: kodiinstall

Last but not least, we have the titanium kodi build. It is launched quite recently and available at the supreme build repository. It has many features to make it stand out from the other top Kodi builds. In the first place, it features live streaming of sports and likewise live TV for all major channels of the UK and US. Additionally, it can also stream other genres such as kids, youtube, sports highlights, etc. It has many add-ons such as

  1. Neptune rising
  2. Bob unleashed
  3. Goodfellas
  4. The pyramid
  5. Cartoon crazy
  6. Placenta
  7. Sports Hub

and many more. Also, it gives daily updates and bug fixes. It contains both, free and paid IPTV services. Additionally, it has a clean and organized interface for a more intuitive experience, all smashed in a 120 MB package, which makes it easier to install on a low-end device.

REMARK: Always remove your previous Kodi build before installing a new one to experience the easy and bug-free installation. Installing Kodi 18 builds is not a joyride, you need to have some knowledge, otherwise, it can prove to be a quite tedious job.


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    • Thanks for A2A. There are some tips which you can follow to be safe on kodi.

      install the Indigo Tool for No-Coin Scanner and Automated Malicious Script Blocker
      Use Git Browser to Install Add-ons: Verify GitHub Usernames Authenticity from Trusted Sources
      Don’t Add File Manager Sources Other Than the Fusion Installer
      Beware of “Super Repos” Containing Kodi Addons Developed by Others

      Also, if you are using illegal Kodi add-ons then there can be a chance of malware infection so only use legal builds if you want to remain safe. Feel free to comment further query.


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