lanmodo vast night vision system
source: Lanmodo

According to the latest reports, poor visibility is the culprit for the majority of the accidents caused on roads. While many cars have an in-built night vision system to help the driver maneuver in low vision conditions. But, most of them provide black & white hazy output and have a very low range. What about the lanmodo night vision system?

lanmodo vast night vision system

Well, you can rely on Lanmodo for this. Lanmodo is a brand based in the USA. It is engaged in creating innovative, high-quality products and providing excellent services to customers since their world’s first automatic car tent released. Since then, Lanmodo has been reported by over 600 media, and their videos got views over 150M on Facebook and 5M+ on Youtube. Also, recently Lanmodo has designed a very high definition night vision system to help drivers get every minute detail about the road, even in zero visibility conditions.

First encounter

The box is rugged and ensures the products are untampered while being delivered. The box has everything you need to set up the device. Moreover, it also has an easy installation manual to help you install the whole system on your own. Also, you can either install the camera on the dashboard or on the windshield as per your liking.

lanmodo vast night vision system
source: Lanmodo

Full-color image with 1080P FHD resolution

lanmodo vast night vision systemThe display features a full-color real-image feed from the camera, the FHD resolution is a whole lot better than the traditional in-built camera. The display is 8.2 inches IPS panel, which is suitable to decipher every detail and also doesn’t create any distraction.

See more than you need

lanmodo vast night vision system

Thanks to the 36° HD wide-angle lens equipped by the camera, you always get the broader view of the road. The night vision camera can extend up to 300m, so you can know the road situations in advance.

Specs battle

lanmodo vast night vision system

If you need the geeky insight over this, then we got the specs. Be assured that you are investing in the right thing. Lanmodo Vast Night Vision System offers a better driving experience than the In-built Night Vision System.
Lanmodo Vast The in-built night vision system
Image color Full color Black and white
Resolution 1080P 480P
Vision angle 36° 18° / 30°
Infrared type Active infrared Passive infrared
Applicable car models 99% car model Specific car model
Installation Easy installation by yourself Must go to the auto shop
Price $499
About $2500



lanmodo vast night vision system

The night vision camera supports almost all the driving conditions. You name it it can roll over it. Be it rainy, foggy, etc. Furthermore, the camera offers unmatched visuals. Likewise, the lens is unaffected by all the weather conditions.

Imaging technology

test of lanmodo vast night vision system
Source: Lanmodo

The real-time imaging technology of the camera increases the brightness of the image, and also adds exposure to capture important details. In a nutshell, it photoshops the video in real-time to expose the important details.

The range is around 300m which is quite impressive, car headlights can barely reach further than 60m.

Rear view

lanmodo vast night vision system

The whole night vision kit also contains an optional rear camera of 720p resolution, it can be used to parking, rear view traffic highlights. The camera features a 170° wide-angle vision, which is far better than any other rear view configuration.

Also, the camera is IP67 water resistant and will work fine in rainy weather conditions. Additionally, the camera has two cable options namely, 6.25m and 25m in accordance to the vehicle size.

Final Thoughts

The lanmodo Night vision system is a top-notch requirement for persistent night travelers. Not to mention, the camera is easy to set up and has a great interface. Therefore, overall it is a perfect choice. Also, you can purchase it from the official website for $ 499. Although I would recommend you not to stare at it all the time, as this may affect your night-time visibility over time. Try to drive directly by the windshield in favourable conditions.

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